GK Archi is in Top 100 World Architecture Companies WA100 – 2021

Recently, the WA100 annual survey selected Top 100 largest architectural companies in the world organized by Buiding Design page has announced the results. This year’s ranking has a lot of changes, with the emergence of many new factors such as GK Archi, an architectural company based in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore. The year 2020 ends […]

5 Most Influential Female Architects of the 20th Century

In the 20th century, where many people perceived the role of women as housewives, taking care of their homes, there were many female architects who brought a separate path for feminism, inspiration and thinking. for the future. From Los Angeles to Tokyo, these women Architects shaped a new aspect of the city, from broken glass […]

The architect built ‘villa’ from 12 containers

Set amidst the fields on New Zealand’s North Island is a six-bedroom, three-bath house, an infinity pool and a six-car garage. This house is located on 6,221 square meters of land, overlooking the lush green hills of Waikato. Soft container house with lush green meadows and winding, steep path. Photo: David Wade. In October 2016, […]