Aview 2 Condominium: GK Archi gives priority to the design of greenery to every home.

GK Archi consulted architectural design, construction drawing design, interior design and interior design drawings for the Aview 2 apartment project. This project is located in the overall Green Residences project of the investor is Tan Binh Construction Investment Joint Stock Company.

 The project covers a total area of 27.2 ha of which 65.95% of the land is for greenery and public works. The Aview project has many blocks and functional areas: commercial service street, high class residential area, high class villa, international school, sports complex, nursery ecology.

Apartment Aview 2 is divided into 03 types of apartments: apartment A is located at the two ends of the building to receive light and wind from two directions. Apartment B near the well to help airy air, apartment C is designed 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms suitable for young families.

Team architects of GK Archi have agreed with the owner of the design options for the apartment project Aview 2:

1.Walks of natural green space into the Aview 2 apartment building from all surfaces:

– Creating green spaces to create the third floor, the 14th floor and the roof floor in combination with the green space on the ground floor: creating a green environment for residents;

– The green space will bring commercial value to the residents of the apartment;

– Trees on high floors will bring fresh air and create visual comfort;

– Luxury apartment block will be more green space incentives: create the class and feel green living

2. Green space in the whole area:

– The garden area, children’s playground, leisure yard, barbecue area provide valuable space for the infrastructure surrounding the project.

– Overflowing garden area, coffee garden, outdoor restaurant is covered by green space, giving residents a variety of facilities in a green population.

3. Design ventilation, take advantage of the southwest wind but avoid the bad sunshine:

– Open design, open all common corridor, create many airflow slot for the apartment and shared space;

– The head of block is designed open open Southwest direction to welcome the wind to the corridor

– Restricted sunshine direction southwest, northwest directly to the project causing discomfort for residents activities

– All apartments are naturally airy and welcome to the wind;

– The project is designed many wind slots to create cool winds winding into all corners of the work to facilitate micro climate.

4. River direction, direction of the highway:

– The apartments are diverged in two directions with the foresight to create the comfort of: eyes, vision

– Can see the river and the river scene

– The apartments are equipped with all doors open from floor to ceiling to free the viewfinder right on the bed or sofa

5.Vertical surface:

– Modern and luxurious style for modern residents

– Use green space as a space between two apartment blocks: create the appearance of the art, aesthetics.

Green spaces are linked, transitioning from infrastructure to roof through green gardens on the ground floor, 3rd floor, Skyview floors, 14th floor garden and roofs that create a transition and continuity to green.

Form of architecture is focused in the form of block: The glass block as a green pearl is covered by the traditional apartment blocks and green space. Just create a spot on the building’s surface and create a feeling of not only a residential area but also an intersection of all living, living, entertainment, learning, modern and traditional activities.

– Works on the solid base is the building block, shophouse apartment and Canadian International School.

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