GK Archi won the prize of 3 architectural options for Con Market

In the morning of June 18, the Organizing Committee of the contest to select the architectural plans of Con market organized to summarize and award the best solutions.

In this award, GK Archi won an award in the design competition of Cho Con Trade Center – Con Market in Da Nang with plan number KG01.

Accordingly, the Organizing Committee awarded 2 second prizes (no first prize) for the project with code NV20 of Nha Vui Construction Construction Joint Stock Company and ON43 of Consultant Company Limited Construction University; Third prize belonged to KG01 product of GK Archi Co., Ltd.

The best projects awarded are creative and feasible, in accordance with the planning and architectural criteria, creating a harmonious connection with the surrounding urban space.

It is known that the total premises under the approved Con market plan is 24,504m2; 24.504m2 design research boundary. Scale market design solutions need to meet for the current 2,011 business households, with a provision for neighboring areas and future development; at the same time have solutions to effectively exploit land use on the basis of increasing the construction floor area.

GK Archi has proposed a plan towards retaining and embellishing traditional market houses and looking for a solution to connect the old and new, between the tradition and the present.