Bangladesh: First prize in Design Competition for Sabinco Saudi Tower , Dhakar

In 2015, following the successes of many years ago, GK Archi continues to mark the international market as it boldly participates in the International Architecture Design Contest in Dhakar, Bangladesh for Sabinco Saudi Tower Project.

At this contest, there are many multinational architecture companies and local companies involved in design consultancy. However, GK Archi was announced as the winner of the first prize for the entire competition.

The Sabinco Saudi Tower is a highly symbolic project in Dhakar City, next to Dhakar International Airport. This will be one of the great successes in the international market of GK Archi, surpassing many companies of Singapore, Dubai, America, France .. to win the first prize.

After 3 days of hard work in Dhakar, the GK Archi’s team presented the project with total creativity, thought and confidence to the prestigious Architecture Council in Bangladesh and other international architects. . Therefore, GK Archi has completely convinced all the panel of judges, investors, architectural councils and other international architects.

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