Calla Garden is a very special project with the advantages: very strange, very green, very personal and rare in the trend of high-rise architecture in Vietnam. Calla Garden has a “babylon garden” design, surrounded by glass throughout the block. This design has created a harmony with nature, bringing the green space from the window to the customer.

Calla Garden is designed with the function of living space is the shape of high-rise apartment. Tan Binh ICC investor and design consultant GK Archi company designed a garden hanging green trees on the surface of the building, to create a green environment and more ecological space.

All green spaces of Calla Garden are linked from the surrounding green garden to the roof. GK Archi has proposed putting green trees on the façade of the building by creating two green spaces on the 4th and 15th floors. Here, Archie GK connects them by garden from two vertical blocks. Therefore, the building has a continuous array of green around the middle glass block. This has created a hanging garden effect and brings other elements such as wind, water, ventilation to each space. Obviously this is a contrast between trees and glass.

The idea of architecture is simple but has a very good effect on the green and convenient for residents living in a garden hanging on high.

In terms of architectural block structure closely to create continuity between the blocks due to green space is consecutive between the garden and landscape garden on the vertical of the building.

The space on the “Babylon garden” GK Archi designed is quite open to create good air convection and contribute to improving the living environment and living environment for residents.

Calla Garden is a very practical example for investors to boldly add more green elements to their works by creating garden spaces hanging on the surface of the building. In 10/2017, the project has been sold and resonated very well thanks to the very reasonable price and unique design of unique garden space hanging in the South Saigon area.

Project information:

  • Owner: Tan Binh ICC
  • Design Company: GK Archi
  • Chair: Architect Nguyen Trung Kien
  • Location: South Saigon
  • Design area: 30,541 m2
  • Commencement: March 2017
  • Opening date of sale: October 2017