Calla Garden
Calla Garden – An apartment for low-income people with a hanging garden providing a green living space

The work with the old name of Aview 2 Apartment is built on a 3,715.2 m2 land in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for low-income people here. As an apartment for low-income people, Calla Garden is still fully equipped for users.

Project information:

  • Project name: Calla Garden apartment project
  • Location: Residential area 13C Nguyen Van Linh, P.Phong Phu, H. Binh Chanh, HCMC
  • Investor: Tan Binh Construction Joint Stock Company (TanBinhICC)
  • Construction contractor: Tan Hai Long Investment Construction Company Limited
  • Supervision consultant: VP Consultant Company Limited
  • Design unit: GK Archi
  • Commencement of construction project: March 2017
  • Completion of the project: 2020





Located on the main main road of Nguyen Van Linh, the project has convenient traffic access to neighboring areas, inner districts, and Saigon South industrial parks.

The special feature of the Calla Garden Apartment Building is that it is connected by two towers with a hanging garden surrounded by transparent glass, bringing a picture of life in harmony with nature, bringing green space at the same time. overlooking the river and city below. This design is reminiscent of Babylon hanging garden, providing a green living space, fresh with facilities suitable for a project for low-income people.

Proposed architectural solutions when conceptualizing Calla Garden: Architectural cubes are a mixture of wall blocks and glass blocks connected by hollow spaces, which are expected to be high altitude green gardens the Babylonian hanging garden concept; These spaces are also used to create air convection and lighten the middle corridor areas.

With a strong shape and a monolithic style, the project brings a different and more prominent visual effect in the whole area. The contrast between the wall and glass also brings about a visual as well as iconic effect, highlighted on the facade of high-rise buildings along the boulevard.
The block cuts of the building are carefully researched to ensure the ventilation factor as well as the effectiveness of the building and other aesthetic factors.

The building has a modern, luxurious architectural style but still in harmony with the surrounding landscape in terms of color shapes and materials used thanks to the harmonious combination between aluminum lamination system, glass windows, wall covering. money creates a strong vertical percentile, a harmonious solid, hollow element and a neat, compact plan design with clear functional zones along the horizontal and vertical axes, ensuring convenience, safety, convenience for users.

In addition, the project has a full range of functional areas such as parking area, engineering; Community Activities Area; Apartments, kindergartens, building management, toilets and surrounding landscape; The commercial area has a mobile design, suitable for many customers; Gym & outdoor playground, landscape.

Source: Thu Van – TCKT.VN