Classic European architecture at The Lion Building, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Lion office building is one of the projects that have a prime location in the financial center of District 1, this is Nguyen Khac Nhu Street.  This is the center of many public works of the city such as: Ben Thanh market, shopping centers, shopping centers, high-class office building and next to Van Lang University. As a result, the Lion Building project is expected by investors to become one of the independent and attractive office buildings in the future.

The investor made a request to GK Archi is the company directly consultant design office building The Lion Building on a total area of up to 3.300m2.

The investor expect, the entire floor of The lion Building to be lined with Ceramic tiles, gypsum plastered ceilings with exquisite carvings, doors that combine glass patterns and stained glass. These are factors that help ensure the absolute look of the building. Therefore, GK Archi consulted the design of The Lion Building like a magnificent castle with a series of classic details reminisce of ancient European palaces. When using the paint yellow paint show luxury and bring the appearance of the building does not change over the years despite the infinite flow of time.

The Lion Building is structured with: 1 basement, 1 ground floor and 10 floors suitable for 300m2 area. The Lion Building is the perfect place for companies to choose office location.

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