GK Archi participated in supervising the author of The Atrium Project, Yangon, Myanmar

In December, 1974, GK Archi participated in supervising the author of The Atrium project in Myanmar, project property Property ranked in the Top 5 Asia attractive in 2015, worthy of investment. The building is located on Thein Phyu Road, a beautiful backdrop towards the central Kandawgyi Lake of Yangon.

The Atrium is a luxury condominium project with unique and luxurious design in Yangon. Design inspiration is based on the idea of ​​asymmetric installation art, making people living in the building always see the change of living space in each floor, as well as each function of the project. high price ideas, architectural forms as well as functional space, suitable utility.

The front of the building is being completed

The orderly arrangement of space in the apartments, making the buyer feel the only apartment in the middle of a hundred hundred apartments, in addition to the attractive facilities.

Customers are referencing the project model and the current status of the project.

The design of green space at the height of the project to help residents have a clean living environment, this contributes to the project is appreciated, according to propertyreport.

The structure of The Atrium is quite simple, consisting of an atrium in the center and around which functions in living, gathering, and also functions to park the car above the building. The high-speed elevator system in the middle of the building creates a luxurious impression. The pool and living area are designed in the middle of the building to maximize the view of the Shwedagon Pagoda, the most famous and beautiful cultural building in Yangon, Myanmar.

Construction Status in December 2017 and Design Perspective.

The Atrium uses the automatic lift system to bring the car to the upper floors, the functions of a luxury apartment are always the priority investors and research design luxury for maximum comfort. for user.

On the stand is a combination of diverse spaces, green spaces, garden and pool. These spaces are arranged randomly but have a control over a common whole in order not to exceed the limits of confusion and non-harmony. The random arrangement of blocks on the façade avoids monotonous and boring works. In order to link these spaces together, GK Archi arranged the systems to stand on the façade, both sunblind and linking the architectural language in the building.

The work has been nearly finished rough and is gradually improving the facade. The project is highly valued in Yangon and is a best seller here.

GK Archi 12.2017

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