GK Archi signed a contract for the design of Van Phuc Urban Area, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Van Phuc urban area is a complex urban area of the investor Dai Phuc Group. This project covers 198 hectares and is the largest urban area in the North East of Ho Chi Minh City. The project covers 16 hectares for the central regulating lake: this is the key project of the project contributing to fresh living space. Besides, the park has 21ha including facilities such as shopping mall, international education system from kindergarten to high school, marina, medical center …

The investor wants to build Van Phuc into a modern and multi-functional urban area in order to meet the needs of: living, shopping, health, education and convalescence for residents living in urban area.

The investor requested that GK Archi design for this project include: Half of the area of the urban area is dedicated to greenery, water, transportation, public works and utilities. At the same time, the investor also wants to target the standard planning of modern urban area.

GK Archi has been involved in the Van Phuc project including: commercial townhouses, luxury riverside villas, townhouses, high rise apartments, and associated amenities. , ….

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