GK Archi signed a contract to design a Galaxy Residence project in Him Lam, Ha Dong, Hanoi

In May 2017, GK Archi has signed a contract to design the Galaxy 2 project with the investor Him Lam in Ha Dong, Ha Noi. The Galaxy 2 project is located within the Him Lam Residential Area, Van Phuc, designed by GK Archi.

GK Archi has the idea of ​​designing: low-rise buildings in the form of adjacent link housing. The associated houses are designed as a commercial house (Shophouse) with ground floor. Here they are used as commercial functions for the entire residential area.

The Him Lam Galaxy 2 project  is large scale and complete housing area. They can meet the requirements of integration and urbanization. This project will be consulted GK Archi architectural design with modern architectural space, technical infrastructure in accordance with the first standard urban grade.

The location of this project is very convenient especially convenient for traffic, offices, trade centers and residential areas. In the future, this place is considered as the financial street of the city and will become a main avenue of Ha Dong district connected with the capital Hanoi. This project plays an important role in creating the unity of expanding the Hanoi capital.

The investor of this project is interested in a green tree surrounding development model that creates a friendly environment.

Galaxy 2 project is a synchronous project in terms of: social infrastructure, technical infrastructure, articulation of investment projects, residential neighborhoods current status to ensure stable development. At the same time, this project also effectively exploits the use of land on the basis of ensuring investment efficiency, creating and replenishing housing funds, schools and public buildings such as parking lots and trees.

GK Archi designed the green tree layout according to: the strip, dispersed clusters in the group. They bring maximum efficiency in using and contributing to the urban architecture landscape, improving environmental conditions, micro climate.

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