GK Archi signed a contract to design two large projects of the Max Myanmar Group

Max Myanmar Group is a large and well-known corporation in Myanmar, Singapore. They assigned GK Archi to design two large projects in the golden land of Yangon, Myanmar. This is the successor to the success of GK Archi success in the architecture market Myanmar. Here, GK Archi Myanmar has elevated the prestige as well as design experience of high-rise projects in Myanmar in accordance with strict standards in Myanmar.

The Shukhinthar Condominium project, designed by GK Archi includes: apartments, commercial areas, and luxury exhibitions. In the overall design, GK Archi has put a lot of green space on the façades as well as on the roof floor, garden floor.

This project brings a lot of difference in the Myanmar real estate market and the high surplus value for the investor. Shukhinthar is expected to bring a breakthrough to the warming real estate market and increasingly attractive investment.

Narnataw Condominium project is a project combining high class office area, specialist residential area and luxury apartment. Customers targeted for this project are foreign experts, expats living in Myanmar and high-income people of Myanmar.

At the time of design, the price for this office is class A, which is ranked as the world’s most expensive property in Yangon (more than 120USD/m2). Narnattaw Condominium is hoping to catch up with the scarce class A office rental in Yangon.

GK Archi Myanmar is operating at full capacity to offer products that meet the needs of investors as well as the market of Yangon.

Mr. Roberto Gil Ruiz – Architect in charge of Shukhinthar project of GK Archi Myanmar is very much looking forward to this project. He said: “I hope to see the enthusiasm and my product and GK Archi quickly gain the upper hand when it comes to market. With the effort of day and night, I want to bring all my experience and ability. To complete this project very well “.

Responding to the belief from Max Myanmar, the design team at GK Archi is making every effort to speed up the project cooperation with Max Myanmar.

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