GK Archi works with the Vietnam Green Building Council

On May 31, 2016, Archi worked with Mr. Dang Thanh Long – General Manager of Vietnam Green Building Council. During the meeting, Mr. Long and GK Archi exchanged experiences on green building design in Vietnam.

Through the standards of green building Lotus of Vietnam, Leed of the United States … the two sides exchanged some views on how to consult, approach the problem of addressing the design of green buildings. Both companies have agreed on some of the solutions that will be applied to the largest Lotus certified green building in Vietnam, which is also the project designed by GK Archi: Labor culture project.

Some of the solutions designed by GK Archi are recommended by the Green Building Council for labor culture gates such as: solar panels, collection systems, rainwater utilization, Chiller for commercial, Double Skin solution for building facade …

GK Archi is very enthusiastic about green design for this project in Ho Chi Minh City. GK Archi expects the design process to be smooth and effective. The Green Building Council evaluates the solutions proposed by GK Archi, in which the Labor Culture Palace has the high probability of winning the Gold to Platinum Award for the super-large project with a floor area Building over 100.000m2.

Registration code of the project: 017-NR-2.0-NC – Labor Palace of Ho Chi Minh City. City labor culture. Ho Chi Minh City will be assessed by the rating tool: LOTUS NR V2.0