GKA’s counterparts in the banking sector: Shwebank has started

GK Archi is honored to co-design the Shwe Bank banking system, which is actively preparing to dominate the Myanmar market and compete with KBZ Bank.

Shwebank’s plan is to expand to 400 branches nationwide over the next five years. With strong financial strength and management platform from STL Group, GK Archi trusts and co-develops Sky Complex project for designing (and managing Phase 1 construction). ) with estimated total investment of billions of dollars and Skynet TV channel network, national high speed network …

Shwebank is located on Posandon Road in central Yangon. With Shwebank and GK’s rapid expansion plans, Archi has provided several sample designs for various modules of the system. Hope Shwebank will develop the speed associated with sustainable factors. And ensure the investment capital for promising projects in the future.

Congratulations to Shwebank, Happy Mr MgMg, Ms Jiang Le …

And architects GK Archi.


Shwebank’s Design by GK Archi

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