Ho Chi Minh City Student Cultural House: A space full of culture

“All the students are watching and looking forward to the project to build the Youth Cultural House soon to be completed, so that they enjoy a space of cultural, modern and spiritual sense of living for students at the National University Village in Ho Chi Minh City.”

Overall perspective of the project

This project is located amidst a spacious green space of over 3.5 hectares. The project has many cultural items catering to the needs of students. The main building of this project is designed in hexagon style to maximize the view of the surrounding space.

This project is expected to become a symbol for the entire campus area of Vietnam National University, a joint project designed by GK Archi and Nihon Sekkei. They have designed this work in a modern and uniform style on the vertical. Based on respect for the scale and beauty of simple cubes.

Design of the facade of the building

Surrounding the block is a simple façade with colorful backdrop walls that create a buzz for the building. The facade system is staggered, creating a ripple effect on the surface of the building, but still ensure harmonious elements in the overall architecture.

The work is well researched in aerodynamics, as well as air convection. The use of open space around a huge skylight in the center will create airflow in the building. Aerodynamic studies will allow the user to feel comfortable with the temperature as well as the friendliness of nature at any location in the building.

Design solutions

The Ho Chi Minh City Student Cultural House project includes theaters, halls, seminars, student cinema halls, club teams, drama halls, The art gallery, the large library, the health counseling system, the law, sex, the exhibition area, coffee area terrace … and many other functions cater to the cultural needs of HCMC students.

Picture of Hall

The ground floor of the building was designed as a block of steps running across the entire hexagonal block. Interwoven on the ladder space is the grass carpet interspersed with the entrance of the building works sensation is sprouting from the green grass.

The campus of the building

This project has a very special feature that a large number of trees will be planted on site after the project is completed. The investor is City Councilor with architects of GK Archi – Nihon Sekkei, presented the options for the Student Cultural House to become the green lung in the center of the university. To cater to the needs of recreation, entertainment, cultural activities of students, small projects in the project land are also very focused. Typically, the system of outdoor football field, basketball court, multipurpose sports field, lake, pedestrian zone, jogging, sports practice, outdoor stage, 5 good, group living quarters …

According to the construction schedule and the tasks of the HCM City leaders assigned to the investor, the works will be handed over and put into use in the first quarter of 2018.
Project information:

Project name: Ho Chi Minh City Student Cultural House
Design Company: GK Archi – Nihon Sekkei
Owner: City Union
Location: Di An, Binh Duong
Total area: 3.5 hectares
Completion Date: 1st Quarter, 2018
Hosted by: Nguyen Trung Kien, Shatoshi Shimizu
Some other images of the works:

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