Huong Giang – GK Archi, upstream bringing Vietnamese architecture to the world

Dare to think, dare to do, dare to commit themselves, perhaps independent, decisive independence from the young until the CEO helped Giang Le to make decisions at the decisive moment.

Always thinking that architecture is the land of competition is equal, just have the talent is to be recognized, from 2010, Giang Le began the journey to bring his design throughout the countries of Myanmar, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia … and did not stop there.

Visiting Myanmar, Vietnamese people would be proud of seeing many architectural works bearing a stamp from a Vietnamese design company. GK Archi co-founded by Jiang Le is one of the few design firms to have a working office and direct bidding for large projects in Myanmar. Giang Le is the direct bidder and wins many big value projects such as Sky Condominium Thuwana in Yangon, The Atrium, Golden View, Kan Yeik Thar, Chaung Thar Resort in Chaung Thar, Maw Project Lamyaing Hotel in Maw Lamyaing … The female architect began to pay attention to this market since 2009, when the country’s golden pagoda began to have policies open to foreign investment. Learn about working methods and laws and prepare about 1 year, until 2010, Huong Giang started “bring bell to fight people”.

Giang Le and colleagues at GK Archi Myanmar

The goal is always clear and drastic

The first day in Mynamar, Giang Le has many difficulties, have to go to each company to knock on the door to introduce themselves. “At that time, the internet here was not growing, companies did not check email or hard to contact, I have to come directly to introduce to GK Archi. Moving for months, going to many seminars, finally I also have the first design contract. At that time the fun is hard to describe. Initially, looking at a woman to introduce herself as an architect, many people are surprised and do not trust women to do well on this job. Because of that psychology, I have to work harder than ever. Drawings and design plans must be carefully prepared. Moreover, when reaching out to the sea, I always think of entering the custom, respect the local culture, design go hand in hand with culture. As a result, our drawings will later be approved by investors. ”

Success in the country Yellow pagoda is the driving force for Giang Le to continue exploring other markets: Bangladesh, Mongolia, Cambodia .. Meet people, most people will ask the secret to success when working in the country. out. She shared very intimate: “There are many ways to approach. Of course, metrics are the best approach. Read the data to see if the market is growing or not, the economy has developed. Then the penetration step is through the big cities, meet the investors and introduce the capacity of the company. myself. If the capacity profile is not enough, it is not enough to convince. Depending on the market, like Myanmar, only a month later I have a project. But Bangladesh is longer, 4-5 months. Mongolia is 2 months old. Do not forget the goal you pursue and be fierce enough to reach the end. ”

Do not regret anything

Dare to think, dare to do, dare to commit themselves, perhaps independent, decisive independence from the young until the CEO helped Giang Le to make decisions at the decisive moment. “My favorite proverb is: Over 90% of people before losing regret things have not been done, but they do not regret what has been done. So, when I have the chance, do it now. It is never too late to do it. When it comes to a new country, I always find ways to stay connected until I sign a successful contract, “the female architect said with determination.

Many people will think, design in the country or abroad is also business, make money. That thinking is not wrong. However, not everyone is brave enough to reach out to the sea, compete equally with foreign architects like Giang Le: “I want to repeat one thing, architects VN, in terms of level not inferior to the copper Foreign companies. We are only inferior to a degree that has not been recognized overseas. So, let yourself create opportunities for yourself. When foreigners come to our country, compete with architects in the country, then you can also go to your country to compete with them. The world is flat, I must be confident in my talent.

One working day is from 12 to 14 hours, however, this architect still has time off work. After each major project, she took time to rest, travel. Up to now, Huong Giang has traveled through 80 countries and territories, some places only a few days, some months to explore. Until recently, you have traveled to all continents in the world. Most recently, Giang Le just set foot to the South pole of Earth. Giang Le also traveled alone to India, which is a terrible place for women to travel. And she has also fulfilled her dream of exploring the primitive Amazon jungle in South America or conquering the Everest ridge mountains or the highest peaks in South America and the Machupichu shrine in Peru. Giang Le also participated in Carnival festivals in Brazil and South American countries or conquered the world’s most dangerous bike trail in South America. Giang Le also lived in Sweden during her time studying here and spent her time in Central America when she received a scholarship to study in Guatemala.

Giang Le in Japan and his Japanese colleagues.

Prof. Dr. Anette Kim (MIT) co-authored a scientific research project on planning

With colleagues at Viet Duc International University

In the happiest country in the world – Bhutan

With friends in the trip to conquer Tibet, Nepal and Mount Everest

Dust in the trip in Laos.

In the Country Thousand and One Nights Iran

During a business trip to Mongolia.

In the African desert.

In Jordan (Middle East)

“As an architect, I loved the layout and architecture of South American countries. I especially like Argentina, especially Buenos Aires capital, architecture in classical European style, planning is also very good because of the chess board, old but liberal. Urban perfect but perfect, “she shared.

The upstream decision is correct

Trips to help Giang more cultural knowledge of the region in the world. This is also the material for her later to bring the company into any market thanks to the available data on culture, economy, people, habits there … “Must know the local, Taking the right time will win, “she said.

Giang Le will be coming to Thailand to receive the International Property Award, held in May, 2018 by British magazine International Property Magazines awarded to GK Archi. After that, Huong Giang continued the project unfinished, exchanged and completed the plan “attack” to a number of new markets. “Because the degree of architecture in Vietnam has not been recognized overseas, can not operate independently, so I often choose some local architects to cooperate to open a branch abroad GK Archi. If calculating the economic problem, each design contract abroad is two to four times higher in the country, An architect, and the operator, I always felt the decision to upstream his lineage. gender is correct. Confidence, the road at his feet, keep moving forward, “Huong Giang confident about the plans of the future.

About Master Le Nguyen Huong Giang

CEO of GK Archi.

(HCM University, MA, UMP – Darmstad University)


Top 5 most attractive works in Asia 2016 for The Atrium;

Top 1 YCDC Architecture Company in Myanmar.

International Property Award

Top Ten BCI Awards for Vietnam’s Leading Architects Company 2017

Top Ten – Ashui Award for Vietnam Architecture Company of 2017.

Awards for the iconic work in Dhakar, Bangladesh.

Typical projects:

Sky Condominium Thuwana Yangon (Myanmar), Soyombo Hotel (Mongolia), Sabinco Building (Bangladesh), Student Cultural Center (Vietnam) …

Co-author of Urban Street Studies with Prof. Anette Kim (MIT)

Country has arrived: nearly 80 countries and territories. In 2017, made a trip to Bike for Bin, alone cycling across Vietnam on a 1,750 km stretch from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City in 13 days to raise funds to help autistic children.

According to Thanhnien newspaper


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