Interview with architect Nguyen Trung Kien: Each architect is a composer

Talk with architect Nguyen Trung KienGK Archi. The beauty of an architectural space is a combination of many elements, like the chords of musical notes that make up a good piece of music. If we separate each of those simple notes, they will not mean anything. We should combine them together for a great work.

I would like to start a conversation from the architectural fields that you have been trained in France. According to him, what is a beautiful architectural space?

– I was educated with Professor Federich Lukel at the National University of Strasbourg (France); He has a research paper on the beauty of architectural space and he walks a beautiful architectural space as a Beethoven symphony. When in a beautiful space, the human soul will be as comfortable and airy as when listening to a Beethoven symphony. I am very happy with this view.

The beauty of an architectural space is a combination of many elements, like the chords of the notes that make up a good piece of music that, when separated, may not be meaningless. But when they are combined, we can have a great work. If the elements that make up an architectural space are the notes, a beautiful architectural space is the result of the art of placing the “musical elements” in architecture, Of the space, the surface structures of the object, the openings, the space, the near vision law, the formation of light on the surface, the art arranged on the surface of the object … So each architect is a composer. A beautiful architectural space will be a space that is most appropriately arranged these elements according to the function, intent or purpose of the designer.

How does a beautiful architectural space play a role in interior design? Relationship of these two fields like?

– Interior decor adds to the architectural space. When decorating the interior, the designer must pay attention and analyze carefully about the available space as well as the idea of ​​forming that space in order to create a beautiful and appropriate interior decoration. There should be a close relationship in the use of the architectural language of the interior and exterior spaces of the building with the language of furniture. It may be a mutual or contrasting relationship but it is generally advisable to avoid the feeling of architectural space and interconnected interior space. There should be a certain link in terms of scale, shape, color, or overall idea.

Similar to what you say, we need to have a certain connection in terms of scale, shape, color or overall idea between architectural space and interior decoration; According to him: what are the current marine works in Vietnam, how are these factors represented? And what should be prioritized?

– In my opinion, a good design does not need to show all of the above, because the designer is more aware of it than anyone else. Architects will decide whether or not to use more or less what elements, which language to express their aesthetic intentions in each specific space.

In my opinion, the decorative element, using the material to beautify the surface of the envelope of space is considered a priority factor in Vietnam. In a rich interior material market, designers more and more have more means to find the beauty of space in their design. However, the important thing in designing is to be based on consistency, cohesion of proportions or ideas between spaces in and out in order to produce a beautiful and appropriate design.

As far as I know you have taught the subject “Space and environment” at a design school. In addition, he worked at the company is very prestigious GK Arhci and has done professional work in the country and abroad. So what is the difference between the style of the architects working in different environments?

– I am a lucky person, because I have the opportunity to work in many different environments:

In 2006: I worked in the office of architect Guy Walter, a classic architectural advisor in France;

In 2007: I was in charge of a team of designers at Atelier K, a French design office in modern architectural style and in Le Corbusier style:

In 2008: working for the construction design group Bilfinger Berber (Germany), there are nearly 60,000 employees;

At the present time, I am working for GK Archi in HCMC. Ho Chi Minh.

In recent times, I have seen people refer to the concept of ecological architecture, and I see that your works in France and in Vietnam also emphasize this. So, what is ecological architecture?

– Ecological architecture is also known as green architecture, sustainable architecture. Ecological architecture is an architecture that adheres to ecological principles, respecting the natural environment as well as the ecosystem by making the most of the energy efficiency of the operation of an antecedent. axis. The ultimate purpose of ecological architecture is to reduce environmental waste throughout the process from construction, use to disposal to protect natural resources and to not pollute the environment to the earth’s We are always fresh, forever green for our descendants.

The application of ecological architecture is a general trend for today’s architects. This trend is towards a friendlier, more intimate architecture

– Based on the conditions of the project elements, our projects will be in the direction of ecological design.

Ecological architecture design gives the architects the joy of being a part of creating better environments for people. When I was working in France, some projects required us to have minimum ecological requirements. Under the economic conditions in Vietnam, this depends much on the investor and the economic conditions of the project. It is a good luck for the designer to apply the ecological element to his work.

I see now that Vietnam is not a fertile design market and it also takes a long time for the construction industry to grow back as it did in previous years. So we have a specific plan for GK Archi to continue to grow without being too dependent on the domestic market.

Our orientation is to expand into countries with major investment in construction in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia and Myanmar. GK Archi is currently conducting several feasible projects in Myanmar and Cambodia with local investors. The general trend of Vietnamese investors is towards Myanmar’s potential market.

Based on the experience and relationships available in Myanmar, we hope to work with Vietnamese investors looking to the Myanmar market in the near future and look forward to developing.

Thank you and wish you success.


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