Lavilla Green City Long An – The project was started in July 2019

Lavilla Green City Tan An is cooperated by Dong Tam Group and real estate corporation Tran Anh Long An. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in March 2019 with the participation of the leadership of two corporations, partner units and 1000 close customers, and the event was also a gratitude ceremony for customers. always support and accompany Dong Tam and Tran Anh in recent years.

Gold position for investment

It is not too much to say that Lavilla Green City Tan An possesses an extremely beautiful location, on the one hand side of the National Highway 1A connecting Ho Chi Minh City and the provinces of the Southwest, Tan An city is also the capital. of Long An Province, one of the provinces in the South region has economic potential and strong development ability in the future. The other side is adjacent to Vam Co Tay, creating a cool and green living space for residents.

With a strategic position in urban land, the profitability is extremely high, enjoying the natural nature and perfect infrastructure with superior utilities, which will surely bring absolute satisfaction. for customers wishing to own townhouses in this urban area.

Beauty in the heart of the city

Lavilla Green City Tan An is a blend of modern urban space and pure nature with the Vam Co Tay river calmly running along the length of the project. A flashy urban area with a semi-classical design but full of youthfulness and dynamism.

Delicate design, bring a spacious, natural but artistic and airy living space, the row of townhouses built a floor of two floors with a lot of windows to welcome the sun and catch the wind and feel he is both relaxed and peaceful and strange. Electric tap water system uses natural energy from the sun to help save costs, spacious comfortable front yard is also a big plus for residents owning cars, a vehicle essential in today’s developed society.

Infrastructure is the axis of the chessboard shape with security camera system, traffic signal lights, clear road, wide sidewalks to help residents feel comfortable moving and doing business activities. Outstanding internal utilities with a system of banks help exchange transactions easily and conveniently, the accompanying service areas such as amusement parks, entertainment, and sport facilities are also arranged reasonably to help residents. Convenience in use, education and health is also of interest when setting aside space for these two areas within the Lavilla Green City interior.

Project information:

Project name: Lavilla Green City
Location: Hung Vuong Street extended, Ward 6, Tan An City, Long An Province.
Investor and distributor: Tran Anh Group.
Design: GK Archi
Total project area: 22 hectares.
Type of development: Townhouses, villas and utility facilities
Construction: 1 ground floor 2 ready-built floors finished outside and roughed inside.
Land area: 5 x 20m2.
Floor area: 360m2.

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