Myanmar with outstanding temple architecture

(Construction) – The Federal Republic of Myanmar is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is rich in gems and gems, oil, natural gas and other minerals. The income gap in Myanmar is among the largest in the world, because most of the economy is under the control of the former Military Government supporters. What surprised and admired here is the architecture of the spiritual temples. Within the narrow framework of the paper, this article only mentions Shwedagon Pagoda and Taung Kalat Monastery.

The people of Myanmar are devout Buddhists, they can see Buddhist temples and monasteries anywhere, numbers up to tens of thousands of temples, pagodas and towers, scattered throughout the country. Buddhism has a great influence in people’s lives, all activities are associated with Buddhist rituals. Therefore, Myanmar is also known as the pagoda nation. The temple tower is most concentrated in the ancient city of Bagan.

Many famous architectural firms in the world are hired here to study construction projects and to harmonize with existing projects, they must work hard to study ancient architecture. They had to dive to contemplate and learn about temple and temple architecture in Myanmar. After all, they had to say, that the Buddhist architecture here is a masterpiece that nowhere else in the world matches thousands of thousands of famous temples associated with their history and civilization. .

The more amazing thing is that behind these magnificent architecture there are many mysteries that not everyone knows. Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as the Golden Temple – the largest, most beautiful and sacred temple in Myanmar. It is the temple with the world’s most luxurious tower made of gold and diamonds. Myanmar people attach great importance to beliefs and temples with them being sacred places and always cared carefully. Monks, families and Buddhists consider pilgrimage to Shwedagon Temple just as Muslims must go to Mecca once in their lives.

It is considered the prototype for all the temples in Myanmar later with 4 gates returning to 4 different directions, with long corridors. At the gates, there are two very large white swarms in front of them. The temple is said to contain Buddha’s ancient bone and bone relics as well as huge Buddha statues. There are dozens of small temples surrounding the main tower.

Shwedagon Pagoda has more than 2,500 years of history. Archaeologists estimate that the work began to be built in the sixth century. Over the restoration, the pagoda has 4 main towers in the center and 64 small towers surrounded, all in gold. It is estimated that 72 tons of gold have been used to build this masterpiece.

Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is built on Singuttara sacred hill, an area of ​​nearly 50,000m2. From afar, one can see the tower as high as 99m. This is the most sacred Buddhist work in Myanmar that the whole world must admire.

Shwedagon Pagoda is open year-round for residents but sells tickets to visitors. It has a very wide campus that anyone who has the opportunity to set foot in must utter admiration for meticulousness in architecture.

The highest floor is inlaid with over 1,100 diamonds, 1,383 precious stones. The top of the tower is encrusted with 5,448 diamonds and 2,317 rubies. At the top is the flag-shaped wing and in the highest position is a diamond bud with a 76-carat diamond.

Furniture and statues in the temple are also inlaid with gold leaves. This thousand-year-old temple is preserving four Buddhist treasures: the Stick of the Buddha’s Exalted Buddha; Water filter tools of Buddha’s sentence Na Ham; Piece of Buddha Ca Lettuce and eight Shakyamuni Buddha hairs.

Shwedagon Pagoda is also home to many important Buddhist rituals. One of them is the ordination ceremony – the most important ritual in Myanmar’s life.

Today Shwedagon Pagoda is not only a sacred religious work but also a tourist symbol of Myanmar. Visitors to the temple must remove their shoes to go barefoot, not to wear short skirts or to wear an objectionable dress. With this huge fortune, Shwedagon Pagoda is always guarded carefully with 24 / 24h surveillance cameras.

The same is Popa Mountain which is considered the Olympia of Myanmar people. As a great pilgrimage site and worshiping many supreme gods, it is considered a legendary house of worship for 37 saints in folk beliefs, a god of protection for people in extreme Myanmar.

Taung Kalat Monastery is located on Mount Popa – a volcano 1.518m high above sea level, and is located in central Myanmar about 50km southeast of Bagan. There are many temples and religious relics here. Leave it to the top of the mountain, must pass the 777 steps. Up to the top of Popa mountain can see the view of the majestic mountains with the hidden temples. In particular, Taung Kalat is said to be the most sacred monastery in Myanmar.

Building a unique monastery on vertical cliffs is still a mysterious story from ancient times. Until today the construction of Taung Ka monastery

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