GK Archi is in Top 100 World Architecture Companies WA100 – 2021

Recently, the WA100 annual survey selected Top 100 largest architectural companies in the world organized by Buiding Design page has announced the results. This year’s ranking has a lot of changes, with the emergence of many new factors such as GK Archi, an architectural company based in Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore. The year 2020 ends […]

5 Most Influential Female Architects of the 20th Century

In the 20th century, where many people perceived the role of women as housewives, taking care of their homes, there were many female architects who brought a separate path for feminism, inspiration and thinking. for the future. From Los Angeles to Tokyo, these women Architects shaped a new aspect of the city, from broken glass […]

The architect built ‘villa’ from 12 containers

Set amidst the fields on New Zealand’s North Island is a six-bedroom, three-bath house, an infinity pool and a six-car garage. This house is located on 6,221 square meters of land, overlooking the lush green hills of Waikato. Soft container house with lush green meadows and winding, steep path. Photo: David Wade. In October 2016, […]

10 High-Rise buildings with extreme architecture

1.Chaoyang Park Plaza, China When designing the Chaoyang Park Plaza high-rise building, the architects intended to create a landscape inspired by lakes, mountains and rocks painted in traditional Chinese feng shui paintings. The project is modeled after Shanshui city, an architectural model created by MAD founder Ma Yansong for urban development in Guiyang, China. Construction […]

The Creation process of 4 Pioneering architects in modern architecture

Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Kahn are four of the greatest architects to date. Let’s take a look at the creative process of the top 4 architects of modern architecture and explain why their works and methods still strongly influence us. Architecture always stands between the brink of reason […]

Top 10 công trình kiến trúc độc đáo trên thế giới

Admire the unique architectural works of mankind designed by the most creative minds, the most talented designers. 10. Rome Colosseum Rome Colosseum As one of the first stadiums in human history, the Roman arena accommodated up to 50,000 spectators. Here used to take place the matches of powerful gladiators 9. Lloyds Building, London Lloyds Building […]

10 Hotels with the most beautiful architecture

Seaside Finolhu (Maldives) has a rustic design, while Eremito (Italy) is built with a 13th-century rock that combines a medieval style. Dailymail has selected the hotels with beautiful architecture from the collection of Design Hotels – a website specializing in introducing and providing accommodation for more than 300 luxury hotels in 50 countries. Nature Eco […]

The planning terms and concepts architects should know

Here are some planning and concept terms, some that are quite new in Vietnam but are popular abroad. As architects, we often use words that are complex and confusing to those of us who are not architects. We would like to list some words that are not really popular in Vietnam but that are commonly […]

House with special metallic geometry in India

Decorated with armor of geometric metal blocks that create a unique facade for this 600 square meter luxury home in Surat, Gujarat, India. Featuring a unique structure that makes the house great at night. Light emitted from the surrounding geometric blocks creates a romantic, dreamy space. Inspired by nature, the unique structure surrounded by hexagons […]

GK Archi Teambuilding 2020 – Nha Trang Trip

Last weekend, the GK Archi family had an energetic 3 day 2 night tour in the coastal city of Nha Trang. This is a trip not only for relaxation but also an opportunity for members to get together through collective fun activities and overcome the challenges given by the Organizing Committee. The evening is a […]

GK Archi and Sonatus Tower Building project

Sonatus Tower is located in front of Le Thanh Ton Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Sonatus building is designed according to the standard of office building for rent, with modern amenities, 2 high-speed elevators, CCTV, high-speed internet, backup generator, toilet system. clean, spacious basement and parking lot … About lighting: […]

Calla Garden bright spot in South Saigon area.

Calla Garden designed by GK Archi is attracting the attention of many customers and is considered a bright spot in the South Saigon area. Worth living space In the mid-range segment, the price is about VND 1 billion / unit, many projects are often far from the center, difficult transportation and limited utilities. Meanwhile, Calla […]

The top architectural styles of mankind

Architectural styles Gothique, Byzantine, Roman … are artistic features expressing the style of an era. The magnificent works bearing these architectures still stand to this day. 1. Gothic architecture The stunning beauty of a Gothic cathedral Born after Roman architecture, Gothic architecture (also known as Francigenum Opus, meaning French work), began to develop from the […]

New airflow for world architecture: Unique 2-story clay house with full amenities

Casa Terracota is located in Villa de Leyva – a mountain village 95 miles north of Bogota, Colombia, built by Colombian architect, Octavio Mendoza. The house is built entirely of clay and baked in the sun, not using steel, cement or other reinforced materials. The house is 5,400 ft2 (502 m2).   The two-story house […]

Vietnam Architect Company – GK Archi opened an Architecture company in Singapore

At the beginning of 2019, GK Archi Architecture Company of Vietnam completed the procedures for opening the company with Singaporean legal entity, officially consulting architectural activities in Singapore, initially implementing the first projects in the market. Singapore. As a well-known architectural company with bold steps in international integration activities, effectively operating in markets outside Vietnam, […]

Lavilla Green City Long An – The project was started in July 2019

Lavilla Green City Tan An is cooperated by Dong Tam Group and real estate corporation Tran Anh Long An. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in March 2019 with the participation of the leadership of two corporations, partner units and 1000 close customers, and the event was also a gratitude ceremony for customers. always support and […]

Myanmar with outstanding temple architecture

(Construction) – The Federal Republic of Myanmar is a sovereign state in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is rich in gems and gems, oil, natural gas and other minerals. The income gap in Myanmar is among the largest in the world, because most of the economy is under the control of the former Military Government supporters. What […]

La Premier – Apartement project of district 2

APARTMENT PROJECT LA PREMIER DISTRICT 2 La Premier Apartment is a new project coming out later this year, with the attention of many residents in the real estate market as well as large investors. The apartment is located in a prime location, located in the heart of District 2 so it owns many modern facilities. […]

GK Archi received the Top Ten BCI Asia Awards for the 3rd consecutive year

At the end of May 2019, at Sheraton Saigon Hotel, the Top Ten BCI Asia Awards BCI ceremony was held. GK Archi continues to be honored in the Top 10 Asia Architecture Companies in Vietnam for the 3rd consecutive year with active activities in design consultancy in Vietnam and Asia. This is also an important […]

GK Archi wins Asia Pacific Award 2018 for High-Rise Architecture category

On May 3, 2018, the Thuwanna Sky Complex project in Yangon, Myanmar, designed by GK Archi, was honored in the category of Best Residential Buildings in Myanmar at the Asia Pacific Awards. 2018 (International Property Awards 2018). The 2018 Asia Pacific Awards is one of the UK’s award-winning International Property Awards, which is dedicated to […]