Sophia Convention Center – combination of trees and geometry

Sophia Convention Center is a convention and event organization center, a wedding venue for over 3,000 guests, including 7 floors.

The project is located on the land has 4 main frontage and right Phan Thi Ranh square, opposite Coffee Center. The project includes field boxes and technology that are linked to the green of the restaurant, coffee and shophouse functions in the podium. The project is a combination of green space and modern cubicle designed light impression creates harmony and elegance.

The main functions of the project are:

Ground Floor: Coffee Shophouse, Shophouse and Ground Floor Parking

2nd Floor: Parking, Conference Hall and Coffee Shop and 2nd Floor of Shopshouse.

3rd Floor – 07th floor: convention centers and service areas.

Main entrance entrance to the Conference Hall

Front view from the Square: Shophouse area and Sophia Coffee Shop.

Shophouses Area and Conference Center Lounge

The Coffee Pavilion and the Convention Center.

Surface Project Project.

GK Archi

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