The architect built ‘villa’ from 12 containers

Set amidst the fields on New Zealand’s North Island is a six-bedroom, three-bath house, an infinity pool and a six-car garage.

This house is located on 6,221 square meters of land, overlooking the lush green hills of Waikato.

Ngôi nhà từ container mềm mại với đồng cỏ xanh tươi và con đường dốc uốn lượn. Ảnh: David Wade.

Soft container house with lush green meadows and winding, steep path. Photo: David Wade.

In October 2016, architect David Wade started the project with the goal of making a monumental and most cost-effective house. He bought 12 abandoned containers, priced between $ 3,000 and $ 10,000 each.

According to 360MobileOffice, a house built out of a container costs between $ 150,000 and $ 175,000 and is “half the price of a regular house”.

The containers take care of the bones of the house. Some of the container doors were sealed to turn into walls, some opened as a connecting door between rooms. The building’s jet-black industrial look is in perfect harmony with the clear-blue swimming pool and lush green meadows outside.

The ground floor is designed with open, high floor clearance. This is a common living space, with living room, kitchen, laundry … Natural light filled the whole house.

Kiến trúc sư

The ground floor is large, with two stairs leading up to the second floor. Photo: David Wade.

Private space is on the second floor. It has 6 bedrooms, some with large balconies. From here overlooking Lake Rotomanuka. The two-story container house also has glossy floors, a fireplace, and a large backyard.

Kiến trúc sư

One of the wonderful bedrooms overlooking the vast lawn. Photo: David Wade.

Architect David Wade says building a container house requires “thinking out of the box”.