The Architecture of the Floating Kayak Club in Denmark

The Floating Kayak Club is located on the water pulled away from the shore, which highlights the building as a sculptural object and focuses on kayaking as an outdoor water sport. As the building floats, the relationship between the building and the water is so close that the user gets the full experience of practicing the sport in its true environment.

Two volumes, one dedicated to the users, the other to the kayaks, creates a courtyard surrounding a central water space angled to give the users full advantage of the direct sailing route into the fjord. The central water space strengthens the community and supports a ‘club-feeling’.

Outdoor activities relating to community training and playing are raised to the roof deck, which in various ways is enabled with sport activities, barbecue area, outdoor kitchen, dining area and sundeck. The two volumes and the upper and lower decks are connected via ramps, walkways and stairs in a continuous movement, which allows a loop flow.