The Atrium was top 5 in the Asia Chart of Propertyreport

The is a luxury property developer in Asia, they has ranked The Atrium in Yangon, Myanmar was top 5 in the Asia Chart. This is a project designed by GK Archi Myanmar with design direction of  standard luxury apartment.

The Atrium project by GK Archi Vietnam designed in Yangon (Myanmar) is a good idea and performance. 

The Atrium is a high end condominium project with a unique and luxurious design in Yangon. Inspiration inspired by the idea of asymmetric installation art, causing people living in the building always see changes in living space. The project is highly appreciated for ideas, architectural forms as well as suitable functional spaces and facilities.

The arrangement of the messy space in the apartments, making the buyer feel the only apartment in the center of the apartment, next to the attractive facilities.

Propertyreport commented that The Atrium project was design with green spaces, will help residents to have a cleaner living environment.

Due to the flexibility of spatial arrangement and space for planting trees, the value of the building is always increased proportionally to the facility’s space. Nature merges into living space, creating space for green community activities for the people. Thereby, establish close linkages between functional subdivisions within the building. The project was put into use this year.

Architect Nguyen Trung Kien – Project Manager of GK Architecture said that The Atrium was in the top 5 ranking of attractive architecture investment in Asia, will help GK Archi was investors in Myanmar evaluation better than the potential of: the human resources, construction companies, architecture Vietnam is operating in this country.

In Myanmar, legal procedures are being completed so that foreigners have the opportunity to own real estate. Therefore, the architectural designs here need new but different cultural values in order to enrich and appeal to the real estate market.

Mr. Richard Emerson of Savills in Myanmar said that the supply of houses is not enough and many of the rich people in the localities have demand for housing, so the design and construction market in Myanmar is very potential.

The success of a team of architects of a Vietnamese architecture company in Myanmar will motivate the human resources of gray matter Vietnam boldly invest in foreign markets.


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