The Vietnamese company’s project is in the Top 3 list of high-rise buildings nominated for the 37th World Architecture Award

World Architecture Awards is a prestigious award in the world dedicated to architects, successful architecture companies with highly appreciated works around the world. Calla Garden is a high-rise building that has been in the final list to vote for the 37th World Architecture Award, with 2 other famous high-rise buildings of the late architect Zaha Hadid being completed in 2020, four years after she passed away. 

 Dự án Calla Garden của GK Archi

Calla Garden – Designed by GK Archi                                                                                                                                    

Two very famous projects of the late architect Zaha Hadid are the Hotel, The Opus Complex in the United Arab Emirates project for the Complex Project has been implemented and the One Thousand Museum project at Miami, Florida, USA for the category High-rise Housing made. Before that, the closest project Zaha Hadid received the World Architecture award was the Changsa Cultural and Art House project in China.

Project Calla Garden completed in 2020 in Vietnam by architect Nguyen Trung Kien, GK Archi designed for the category of High-rise housing for middle and low-income people. The closest project GK Archi (Vietnam) received the World Architecture award is the Ho Chi Minh City Student Cultural House in Vietnam, co-awarded to GK Archi (Vietnam) and Nihon Sekkei (Japan).

The Opus complex was completed in 2020, designed into two separate towers, merged into a cube. The two towers are 71m high but asymmetric, linked by a four-story podium and an asymmetrical three-story bridge. This three-story asymmetric bridge is 38 meters wide. Along with ME Dubai, The Opus features 12 restaurants, a rooftop bar and office space. The idea of ​​the front and back of the building is a form that simulates the corrosion at random. It feels very strong and strange.

The Opus  – Nguồn

The Opus – Source

One Thousand Museum: A typical building that expresses the design philosophy of Zaha Hadid with the building’s shell to create purposeful softness for the building. The building’s shell is designed to withstand the hard core system to maximize space inside. The building is designed extremely luxurious with about 84 large apartments priced double the price of the adjacent apartment towers.

One Thousand Museum – Nguồn Archdaily

One Thousand Museum – Source Archdaily

On the contrary, with its affordable cost and a design approach to the much lower segment, the Calla Garden project is highly regarded for the low- and middle-income high-rise segment with solutions. very good heat, light and microclimate treatment and ensure high efficiency. Solution Architecture synchronous, simple but combined with the way of handling empty spaces of corridors, ventilation openings to create high altitude courtyards, gardens that are very suitable for the form of community living space. .

The successful project brings cool air mixed into the building to create a comfortable living condition in a tropical country. Sky gardens and a number of special apartments create the idea of open spaces, open courtyards surrounding a transparent glass block in the middle to create a pretty architectural form for high-rise buildings. average level of investment. Calla Garden is rated as a successful project on the element of Architectural signatures in the compact shaping layout.

Source: Thu Van – TCKT.VN